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Digital platform allows condo owners to submit home warranty issues directly to developer

One system to capture and track issues through full life-cycle of a project

Canada's leading provider of digital condo solutions, announces the launch of bazinga! Build — Post Occupancy, a mobile-friendly product that completes the customer care journey for condo developers and homeowners.

The announcement of our new Post Occupancy warranty management solution means one ticketing system for developers to use from start to finish; syncing pre-inspection and post-occupancy issues for a complete record of unit history.  

bazinga! Build — Post Occupancy integrates seamlessly with our pre-inspection Deficiency Management tool,” explains bazinga! CEO and founder, Joseph Nakhla, “this enables developers to capture home deficiencies throughout the full life-cycle of a project &mbdash; from pre-inspection to homeowner walkthroughs, to post occupancy and beyond.”

For developers, this new product means increased visibility across projects. Instead of receiving homeowner issues from multiple channels including emails, phone calls and site visits, bazinga! Build — Post Occupancy provides one single solution that streamlines submissions directly from the homeowner to the developer team in real-time.

bazinga! Build - Post Occupancy, also provides owners with the unprecedented ability to submit home warranty issues directly to their developer as soon as they get the keys to their new home. For owners, this means a new level of convenience and care for one of their largest and most important assets. 

“Our product engages owners with their new home, allowing them to log issues as they see them, and monitor the status once they’ve been submitted,” says Nakhla. “This ultimately leads to a higher level of satisfaction for owners during the move-in period.”

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